Thursday, 17 March 2011

Stephanie Mill

Stephanie takes inspiration from many different cultures around the world, alongside her own experiences traveling. While staying in Granada, Spain, the passion for life that is characteristic of the region took hold of her and her art. Since then she has been working as a painter, illustrator and freelance designer.
Stephanie regularly undertakes commissions, and is happy to collaborate on illustrative or design projects. The strong sense of style that is apparent across her work is adaptable to suit different commercial and artistic requirements. Click the link below to see examples of her work.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Leanna Kersley

Heart this...

More here                                                                                  

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Jessica Barrah

Birdybrain is the website of Jessica Barrah, a writer/designer/illustrator based in Hove, East Sussex. Jessica has written and illustrated three mini-books, all published by Crombie Jardine, available in 'all good book stores'. Jessica also has a space in Handmade, a co-operative shop in Kemp Town, Brighton.
She is currently working on writing and illustrating books for children. For a more in depth look at Jessica's artwork, follow the link to her website.

Mark Hooley

MNKY aka Mark Hooley is working on a number of on-going projects, including a graphic novel, childrens   books, and art pieces, working with a range of styles from fine art, to comic book and occasionally fusing these, often in collaboration with other artists.
  He also works as a screenprinter at Another Fine Mesh.  Check out his other amazing pieces on his website.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Hormazd Narielwalla

Hormazd has developed an appreciation for bespoke tailoring; in particular, the cutters’ all-important brown paper patterns of each customer. This fascination, coupled with the creative interpretation of the patterns, prompted him to produce a limited edition book entitled Dead Man’s Patterns. This artistic design story was inspired by a set of bespoke patterns belonging to a deceased customer. The concept was to recreate the patterns as objects of art, using the unique theme, which has become his trademark. He has since become the first recipient of the highly sought after International Rector Scholarship from the University of Arts, London.
In his quest for artistic creativity, he has foraged for forms in historic tailoring archives and through visuals shows previously untold stories. He uses photography, his own sketches and digital composition collages to create sets of playful artworks. See Hormazd's website for more information and new projects.

Melanie Simmonds

Melanie has experimented with the overlaying and manipulation of images, photomontage, macro photography, photograms, scanography and enlarging individual images in order to experiment with the perception of scale.

She considers herself very lucky for she has the ability to notice and appreciate the fine details and beauty in her surroundings that often go unnoticed. Whether a piece of moss coated in dew drops or patterns in the bark of a tree; Melanie uses her camera to zoom in and capture an image that conveys a mind-altering perspective of the world around her.
See her website for more details

Registration Complete!

We have now registered with the official Brighton Artist Open House broshure and are now part of the Beyond The Level trail.
This year Shabitat Open House will be exhibiting works of photography, textiles, painting, mixed media and bespoke furniture, with an emphasis on work using vintage or reused materials.So far we have over ten confirmed artists exhibiting with us.