Thursday, 14 April 2011

Jamie McGregor

Jamie McGregor is an illustrator who creates an array of screenprints, paintings and drawings. Mongsterr, as he's better known by is also an important part of BRAG, an arts collective of professional illustrators an designers in Brighton.        

For more examples go here:

Sibel Lagerdahl

Sibel is the mother Shabitats own in-house ethical fashion boutique designer, Leftover.
Leftover grew out of combining the frustration with the mass produced, unethical disposable fast-fashion and the desire to create an original and unique look that was sustainable, ethical yet stylish.  Representing the irony of waste materials being transformed into beautiful items.
Inspired from imperfections and developed from existing details and seams, all items completely unique. They are individually designed and hand-finished to a high standard. Leftover believe eco fashion doesn't have to be boring, createing designs that are fun, different and original. So you can create your own style...
More examples can be seen here:


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

George O'Leary

George creates unique and nostalgic pieces made from a range of vintage tools, vintage toys and an array of salvaged curiosities combined with recycled wood culminating into charming anthropomorphic figures.

More photos coming soon!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Beautiful New Flyer!

Its finally out!

Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson is a painter and screen printer whose work often combines these media.

His work has been exhibited widely and he recently had work chosen for the V&A collection. He runs a screen printing studio in Lewes, East Sussex called Another Fine Mesh. Like many of us, Dan finds it uncomfortable bigging himself up in the third person, so he’s going to leave it there.